Spontaneous moments and creative minds can produce amazing results. THE CASKET RUNAWAY began as a concept of proof from creators Nick Arnot and Brian Naus. The dynamic duo didn't realize it at the time, but their "Party Improv Acoustic Act" would soon grow into an entity that neither of them dreamed of. 

The Casket Runaway shares equal inspiration of Pop Rock, resulting in catchy melodies, inspirational lyrics, as well as head banging instrumentals. TCR has released two EP's titled “Cycles” in December of 2014 and "If I Was Young Again" in November 2015. "I would write the songs in sections" Naus says of their EP "If I Was Young Again". "I would write a verse and a chorus and then bring it to the studio. Nick and I would then pick apart what we liked and what we didn't like and finish the song together." That is just what the group did with recording engineer Paul Mitro from Old Bear Studios, who contributed various instruments on the album, and later joined the group on drums. "We were able to bring in all of our closest friends to help record the album" says Arnot about the recording process. "On the song titled Together, there is a gang vocal part that really signifies the unity of not only our band and what it stands for, but our group of friends. The lyrics say that we will get through this together, you'll never have to walk alone. That sense of unity was my favorite part of recording our album".
With the addition of established musicians Paul Mitro and John DeJac, The Casket Runaway has expanded their ability musically by leaps and bounds.

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